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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Playlist: Summer Mix '18

Here's to driving down the road, windows rolled down, music playing. Here's to after hours BBQs, swimming in the lake and chilling by the campfire.

This playlist is built to last with songs that stand the test of time; a mix of old and some new. This is definitely the list you'll be singing out loud to. I've been listening to this mix almost every time I get in the car. The kids even request it by name! I'm planning on taking a road trip down some old country roads, hanging my hand out the window and listening with a giant grin smeared across my face. I hope this playlist gives you the feel good vibes of summer you've been missing.

Note: not all the songs are playable in the sample below. Press the Spotify symbol in the upper right hand of the playlist to open in Spotify and then click "Save To Your Library" to take the playlist with you on the go. OR you can click here to go directly to the playlist and follow along.

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