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Monday, November 13, 2017

About My Writing

Whilst playing a game recently, the question was asked if I could write a book about anything what would it be. Without giving it much thought, I threw out a blanket answer of "my life". I thought about it more later because I would love to actually write a book. Rather than just 'my life', I'd write a compilation of essays. The essays would consist of some life experiences, reflections and realizations about human nature and about about self-improvement.

Writing fiction is not something I've done at all. Though, I'd love to write a screenplay based on a true story which would involve much interpretation and elaboration for entertainment purposes.

Being an introvert, I live in my head. Spending so much time inside my own mind is overwhelming at times. Writing has always been the best outlet. From the time I was a teenager writing songs to starting online journaling (like this) when I was in my late teens through now. I still have posts that date back to 2008. (I've since unpublished everything except what's in this blog). Not much has changed. Just circumstance. Unfortunately, while I can change and adjust behavior, changing the way I process the world doesn't happen. Not to say that my ideas don't change but I can tell by reading my old thoughts, I'm still just me. For good or bad.

What I've realized about journal blog posts, is that this is cheap and easy. I rarely reread the posts and make edits. Words free flow and I let it be. It's like I feel myself push away from anything that takes real effort. If I don't force myself to sit down and concentrate, I can't really create much. Headspace to write is limited. Like a compulsion I have to get my thoughts out but if only I could channel the energy and make something great.

I digress. And so, it is time to end. Well, I'll say this, I was starting to veer away from my rambling posts for fear of being uninteresting and unpolished during a time that I'm trying to present a more refined portfolio of sorts but I'm always trying to figure out who I am and this, this type of writing, I know it holds the keys. They're lost right now but I'm gonna find them.

Of course, I'll still share my work in lifestyle photography.

What do you think? Keep the rambling posts coming? Add pictures to journal posts? Stop it?

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