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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

In Which | I Write About I

You know what? I was starting to question my writing. Starting to question how self-absorbed my writing is. How many times I say 'I' in a single post. It's a lot. If 'I' were the word of the night on Watch What Happens Live for my blog, people would be completely shit faced down in a bathroom or worse.

Then I remembered, this is my blog, my journal and as such it's where I contemplate the many thoughts in my head. And I like it.

I haven't been writing. I haven't been photographing. I haven't been creating anything! It is frustrating.

Between bustling back and forth for one kid's school, taking care of the other kid and balancing in a part time job, I'm completely spent by the end of the day. It sucks. I want to hustle and it seems as though if I'm not spending every extra second I have working on my ultimate project (which by the way is undefined and unknown to me) then I'm never going to reach any level of success and it's daunting. And haunting. Perturbing. In fact my brain is so fried as I write this at 8:22pm that I pause in between every few words because I'm just tired and I don't know what to do but I must prove to myself that one day I am going to be creatively successful and this sloppy post is proof that I will push even when I'm tired at the end of a long day (because every day is long when you're juggling kids/home/job).

That's all.

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