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Thursday, September 28, 2017

In Which I Ramble About My Creative Journey

I think it's just my personality. I don't reinvent the wheel whenever necessary. I don't step in when I don't need to. I figured one of my greatest assets in life is being able to curate everything I need from everything that has already been made. I don't need to write a how-to blog. I don't particularly like teaching although I enjoy conversation and learning/sharing. I don't want to contribute to a topic when there are so many resources already available and to that end I don't enjoy reading about the same topic all over the internet. I like to find my one person or, maybe, two and everything else is just clutter. Of course, I realize that most people are probably like this. We all gravitate towards others for whatever reasons but, mostly, if we can relate and if we can trust. I do like to share my own stories and experiences so if I write that's usually what it is (or just whatever I'm thinking about like right now cause God knows my hands like to tell the Internet everything, well not everything everything). Now that I'm such an old and wise 33 year old, I feel like I have more to offer. I also pride myself on holding myself to a high standard and value system (and apparently, on how many sentences I can start with the letter I), which means I'm constantly pushing myself and not looking to cut corners - in relationships or life, though I do when I need to because obviously, all life is a balancing act and sometimes corners need to be cut in order to maximize efficiency and overall excellency. Blah.

On another note.

I think any creative content producer that uses their name especially feels that eeery feeling about whether or not their target audience thinks they're just one of those people portraying their life in perfect pictures. BUT let me be LOUD and C L E A R. That is not what I am doing. I am in no way shape or form implying I have a really perfect life. Personally, I don't even think my work is that good yet. I am a photographer. I am a creative being making my art in whatever suits me at the time. It has always, since I was a child, been a dream of mine to be in advertising in some way shape or form and now, just now, at the ripe age of 33, I am beginning to put some of those pieces together. Inspired life and created worlds have always captivated my imagination. Realizing that I could be one of those photographers shooting for the magazines and catalogs that drew me in was amazing! Realizing even more so that I could create my own storyboard with which to create in and interact with brands and people is even more amazing. To be a photographer with complete creative control over my image is like why a person does photography. So I'm not faking perfectionism. I am a photographer with lifestyle advertising dreams showing you my created world.

Right now, I'm the main face in my images but I really want make it more than just me. My created world includes friends and family but I haven't figured out how best to incorporate. I'm not comfortable hawking my kids on the interwebs, though an occasional appearance is to be expected because I love them and naturally photograph them a lot. My blog name is The Emerald Girl which I love because I'm born and raised right here in the Evergreen State next to and in the Emerald City - it's unfortunate and comical that when you Google The Emerald Girl it leads you to some sort of female sexy model group or something which is totally not me at all. I guess I could do the KJP thing and change my name to something more suitable for my created world. Although I once had Matt call my Whitney for a few months, I think Jen is perfect so I would just need a fake new last name. Hahhahahahahahaha never say never! On that note, I am thinking of separating my journal from my photography.

Alright, well that about sums that up.

To Sarah, because she said she wanted to read something real and personal. 😜

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