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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Sunflowers in My Room

Sunflowers are a long-lasting sign of summer. It seems like sunflowers are in bloom from now until early fall and their bright color is a welcome change when the peonies finally leave the scene. When I saw the pair of Soludos at Nordstrom Rack at the beginning of summer I knew the embroidered sunflower would be the perfect detail for these hot days (not to mention the perfect addition to a sunflower themed styled shoot).

Despite the fact the I knew the Soludos wouldn't last long, I grabbed a pair anyway. You can read my review on the slipper from last year here. Though I expected the shoe to wear out in the toe area, I didn't expect it to wear out so quickly! I've already stitched it back together. One might wonder why I bought them again in the first place especially since I am not the biggest fan of disposable fashion however, I haven't spent the time researching other affordable but sturdy slip-on shoes so if anyone has any recommendations please let me know.

Shirt + Shorts: J.Crew
Cookies: Jenny Cookies

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