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Monday, August 7, 2017

Blue & White Gingham and a Bow

When summer started I had exactly zero pairs of sandals. When we moved, I threw every pair out. It sounds incredibly wasteful but you have to understand that I hated, hated, hated our last apartment. The smell was depressing and saturated everything; I felt gross just being there so I almost never walked around barefoot, I wore sandals the whole time.

This summer I'm continuing to value timeless pieces but also having fun embracing more feminine details. Admittedly, when I first saw these sandals from Sam Edelman, I thought they looked like house slippers but the bow really grew on me and I kept thinking about them. Now, I absolutely love them, they are so comfy and blue/white gingham goes with pretty much my entire blue wardrobe.

Note: these are not wear to the beach sandals. After owning the pair for 10 days, the cork started to separate from the rubber so I had to return them. I'm not really sure why but a friend suggested maybe it is sand at the beach wiggling its way in the cork and loosening the glue (or whatever holds the cork to the rubber). So now I am torn about whether or not to repurchase.

Should I buy them again and just steer clear of the beach or should I hold off since we all know summer will be ending in a few weeks?

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