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Monday, August 14, 2017

5 Random Facts About Me

Now that I've written this all out, I feel completely self-absorbed. In case you read all this and think "Dang, this girl really thinks she is the", rest assured I am probably more insecure than you. The "10 Things About Me" post is circling the internet but I could only think of 5 things that might be mildly interesting so there you have it!
1) I have two middle names, Elizabeth and Faith. My mom gave me the latter because she says she knew I was going to be her child of faith. I'm still not sure what that really means but it sounds like a lot to live up to. I've carried on the tradition and given my daughter two middle names as well. Because Morgan has the two names, Jack felt he also needed a second middle so he gave himself the name Buddy.

2) Sentimental does not describe me. I delete everything (or get rid of it). I hate the idea of stuff filling up my physical or digital house. This is ironic because as a child I literally saved everything so that my future children could one day play with my toys because that was my idea of perfect. I also had many large collections of seemingly very useless stuff, ie: stickers, pogs, dolls, gift bags, Power Ranger pencil top erasers from Pizza Hut, anything having to do with Noah's Ark, anything having to do with CareBears, Beanie Babies, McDonald's toys and I'm sure there are more. Someone please psycho analyze this for me!

3) Matt and I were married in a court house and then had our official wedding 5 months later. We told no one except our parents and I think Matt might have told his brother. I think it was a Thursday. I threw a crumpled up note to my friends at work saying that I was going to get married as I left for the day. I live for exhilarating moments and this was definitely one of them. This and our spur of the moment idea to leave work early on a Friday and drive down to San Francisco. That was the best.

4) A fact that most people who are in my life now don't know is that I went to rehab when I was 18 (you know, the year I dropped out of school). Let me preface and say although I'm completely open to talking about it, this fact often makes me feel like a complete loser. Even though it was so long ago it's weird thinking that was ever my life, I'm reminded that in fact it is a part of my life and had I not had the experience I am about to write I can't imagine I would still be alive 14 years later, so crucial part of my life. Rehab didn't save me. No, no. It was months after that and several failed attempts of my own to stop using drugs. Whenever I doubt if God is real, I remember the time He saved me from addiction. There is no other way to explain it. I tried many times to quit. I couldn't. I would just pray a simple prayer to ask God to not let me use and swiftly He released me and took me out of that life. He filled me with such a peace. And let me just say that typically the day after you decide to quit using meth when you've been using it everyday for months, "peaceful" is not how you would describe it. I remember sitting in the passenger seat of a car, driving on a lonely road with the window down. It was May. Sweet smelling air washed me anew.

5) Linguistics. I say soda, you say pop. My best friend in 10th grade grew up in the mid-west and always said "soda". Of course, this was way cooler than pop and I forced myself to replace the word "pop" in my vocabulary to "soda". Now soda is natural to me, which when I think about is quite funny, I don't even know what pop is because I am that cool. In junior high I started writing the lower case "a" like you see it typed out but have since reverted back to the much simpler common form. Also during my school days, I learned that people who are in a hurry don't dot their "i's" or cross their "t's" so I decided it would be cooler if I stopped dotting my "i's". Again, this silly detail became habit and to this day I still don't dot my "i's" unless there are two in one word in which case I have noticed that I dot the latter. I'm thinking about forcing myself to switch back to dotting all "i's" as it is a pretty little detail.

6) Lastly, because this is really important in case we ever have to live together. I don't like when people step out of the shower wet. Dry off completely before getting out and then promptly pull the shower curtain closed so no one has to look inside the shower. Sheets and blankets should always have the tag furthest away from my head as possible so make the bed accordingly. In terms of cleaning up and/or putting things away, I prefer the 1-touch method. Just put it away where it goes the first time. Hey, we all have our quirks, mine just involve being neat and clean.

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