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Monday, July 10, 2017

The Summer Kit

Since I'll be on Summer Break for the next two months, I'm reveling in the luxury that is time and peace of mind as well as basking in the warm sunshine. Although I have already set in motion the plans to amp up the healthy living via food and exercise, I have no intention to stop indulging in the little things that make me happy.

I've picked up reading magazines again since my hiatus from social media this past winter. I love the feel of the smooth pages and holding the inspiration in my hand. Magazines also feel limited in the since that the inspiration is not unlimited (which is often the case when seen on screens where you can scroll page after page on and on). This bounded inspiration is not overwhelming and tends to leave me feeling motivated and enthusiastic rather than bogged down and insecure in the world that is often social media.

Lady Yum is hands down my favorite macaron shop in the Seattle area and they just opened a new shop downtown. Their branding is superb but the macarons are the perfect amount of chewy and sweet. I can easily devour a box of 15 to myself in one sitting. Luckily, they do have a punch card so every ten 15 packs you buy, you get a free one!

My new shades come from Nordstrom BP. I love the pink shade and they're big which frames my face nicely. At just $12, it really is the perfect pair for me since I have 2 kids who tend to break and lose my things. A bridesmaid at a recent wedding I second shot with Taira Marie was wearing them and I'm so glad I saw them since the last pair I bought from Anthropologie already has damage on a lens.

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