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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Summer Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas sell at Pike Place Market for $5 a bunch - quite a steal! Because of this it is quite easy to buy multiple bunches to make a nice statement piece for the home. I love buying bulk of one type of flower - one color or more - rather than buying a mixed bouquet (though still pretty). Having a single type of flower on display is more pleasing and catching to the eye.

If you're local to Seattle and are able to visit the Market maybe you've also noticed the new(ish) signs. I'm not sure how long they have been there but above each flower vendor, the sign says that they grow the flowers in Washington and how long they've been at the market, many over 20 years! It's really incredible and I love supporting the local farms that have been part of the market since I was a kid.

My trip to Pike Place Market was short and sweet this weekend. It usually is to be honest, I live so close that it's easy to pop down, grab what I want and leave. Especially on a sunny, Saturday in the summer. The place was packed! Police were everywhere which surprised me until I walked a couple of blocks south right into a peaceful protest marching up the street. Thankfully, Matt was able to turn our car around quickly while waiting for me so that we could easily escape the traffic disaster down 1st Street.

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