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Friday, July 7, 2017

Joggers in the Rose Garden

These pants are officially my new favorites. Admittedly I was not into the joggers when they first started popping up all over the place but when I saw this chambray printed pair, I thought I'd try them on and I wasn't disappointed. They don't bag in the butt and are slim through the leg. The elastic waist is quite comfortable. I wore them first on our trip to Whidbey Island last weekend and they are great for wearing around the house. I love the relaxed fit and feeling like if I eat one too many desserts in the day I won't start to feel uncomfortable around the waist.

The Woodland Park Rose Garden is in full bloom and I hope to get another visit in soon before the last petals begin to drop. The colors are spectacular as are the scents. It really does feel fit for a queen.

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