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Monday, July 31, 2017

Bedroom Inspiration

I've never spent the time to truly design my bedroom. I've always prioritized the areas of the home that we spend the most time in or that visitors see the most. However, I'm finally tired of living in a bare and drab bedroom. Bedrooms are a sacred space. A space to unwind and relax. A bedroom represents your ultimate space. It is the first room that is all yours when growing up and it's always been a favorite room to hang out with friends but once I had a whole apartment to myself, the bedroom moved to the back burner.

As I start to make plans - starting first with purchasing side tables and then an actual bed frame - I've rounded up my top bedrooms that I've pinned on Pinterest over the years. In examining the following photos, I've noticed the following similar themes that speak to me:
- Lots of light balanced with dark compliments and spots of color
- Different textured materials
- Details in the furniture (tuffets, spools, etc)
- Vintage pieces

I really want this room to feel like coming home. To be a cozy sanctuary when I want to be alone and to be a space where the whole family cuddles in bed. It has to be orderly so I can keep a clear mind but not so orderly that it doesn't feel like I can live.
From Classy Girls Wear Pearls
From SF Girl by Bay
From Lonny
From Style Me Pretty

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  1. All of these bedrooms are so swoon worthy! I agree with you- my bedroom has become a last priority for decorating, which is so sad, because you spend so much time there!

    1. I'm vowing to myself that I will at least get some bedside tables in there in the next month!!!