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Friday, June 16, 2017

Tips for Organizing Your Phone Photos

Though I can shoot manually perfectly fine with my DSLR, my iPhone gets way more action. I always have it on me and it's easier to carry around with two little kids. But I do NOT like when my photo storage starts to take up more than 2GB. I'm the kind of person that likes to delete things almost immediately - I don't like having big action items that I need to take care of later so I practice some general iPhone photo maintenance to keep me organized. As a side, it is way faster to upload videos straight to your computer so don't include videos in my strategy below.

1) Flag your favorites and delete the rest, daily or weekly depending on how many photos you have been taking. Once the pictures have been favorited, on the iPhone, you can see the heart from the main screen so it's really easy to delete everything that doesn't have a heart.

2) Using the Dropbox app or other storage app, create monthly folders ie: February 2017 and upload all photos weekly or monthly

3) After your photos have uploaded to Dropbox, permanently delete them from your phone. This is key to opening up more space on your phone and clearing your mind.

4) Two to four times a year (or whenever your Dropbox fills up) download the monthly folders to your computer and save in a yearly folder (ie: 2017). I have my photos organized by year on my computer and I add these folders so that all of my photos from the year are together and organized by month.

4) Print! This is so important to remembering good times, good people and good places. I like to print yearly albums and favorite photos to hang.

If you haven't taken the time to organize your iPhone photos in a long time or ever at all this will be quite the undertaking (just ask my husband 😂). Take your time and start knocking 'em out one month at a time. What is the point in taking photos if you never take the time to enjoy them later?

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