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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Summer: The Idyllic Season

For me, summer is the quintessential season of parenthood. It's when all the magazines take the family outdoors and depict playful gatherings amidst backyard BBQs. The classic appeal of the good old American flag shining brightly in the warm sun provides patriotic charm on whatever it adorns.

Summer is the time to take a break for strawberry pickin', blueberry pickin' and flower pickin'. The days are long and the nights are warm (kind of). It's the season I always imagined when I thought of being a parent. The time when friends and family come over to dine al fresco, twinkling lights hang above the patio and the kids stay up late eating popsicles while running around the backyard. A time where everyone's worries and cares float away into the night sky. It's the best time of year.

The stores are stocked full of yard games, picnic accessories, red, white and blue and summertime favorite treats, like s'mores and firework oreos. Target and Pottery Barn surprise and delight my wild, backyard summer fantasies. I love walking through the seasonal aisles of target. And the summertime kids clothes are spot on. After all, the real fun in parenthood is often times getting them dressed in the morning.

This summer, the real challenge for me will be in accepting the fact that my life and my family are real. We are not the perfect pictures in magazines. While I daydream about taking summer off work and spending the time with my kids and how we'll bond and laugh, I know that every day will have struggles because life with 2 kids under six always does. My patience is thin but I'm aiming to be still just a little bit longer so that instead of reacting to my heightened level of annoyance, I can act out of love and perhaps yield a better outcome if not at least my peace of mind.

Cheers to a warm and welcome summer! May the season bring berries, Americana decor and friendship.

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