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Friday, May 5, 2017

Where To Buy Flowers in Seattle

Not all market flowers are created equal. I'm not a flower expert in the slightest. I hardly know anything in fact. The extent of my love affair lies within their color and form and because of this I've bought a lot of flowers from local markets over the years and know where to go when I want flowers to style and photograph or just a quick pick-me up for the windowsill at home.

Pike Place Market: Buckets and buckets and bouquet after bouquet. I love all the flowers at Pike Place. The flowers seem fresh and I've never had a problem with them dying early. Matt and I bought our wedding flowers in bulk from the market and were highly satisfied with the quality. Pricing is really affordable and it's easy to buy bulk or just the pre-made bouquets. From what I've heard from other people on Instagram is that the pricing here is super affordable compared to other places around the globe. The weekend before Valentine's Day, not only was the market full of spring tulips but even the brick road in front was lined with tulip booths which was great light for taking pictures of the abundance.

Farmers Markets: In Seattle, these can be hit and miss. The larger, year round markets tend to have many flower vendors with good quality blooms but some of the smaller markets I've been to are really lacking in the floral department. The Queen Anne neighborhood in particular left me constantly disappointed with the quality and supply. Pricing at markets is usually really affordable and in-line with what you would pay at Pike Place Market.

Trader Joe's: Flowers from here are not the highest quality but they are really cheap for flowers you probably won't find at farmers markets or Pike Place Market. The ranunculus I bought a few weeks ago were from Trader Joes and I was quite thrilled with the purchase. Of course, you can't buy in bulk, but $10 for two small bunches seemed like a steal as far as grocery store flowers go.

Seattle Wholesale Growers Market: I visited a few weeks ago and was disappointed. Envisioning pictures of the San Francisco and LA flowers markets, I thought I'd be walking into a giant warehouse with row after row of flowers. The space is small and in the markets defense perhaps it will be more full as we move into summer. My other theory is that the wholesale buyers buy up almost everything before it opens to the public and then there's not much left. I didn't buy anything and there was no prices so I don't know how the prices compare to the local markets. The sign said public pricing is double the wholesale price but again, I don't know what that was.

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