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Thursday, May 25, 2017

7 Year Wedding Anniversary

Seven years ago this Saturday, Matt and I were married in a court house in Seattle. Five months later, we had our wedding ceremony and reception downtown Seattle. SEVEN YEARS AGO! It's crazy how dates can mark the time.

I hate to sound like a downer while talking about a day filled with love and excitement but marriage is not easy. The good part is that we still have fun together so that makes the harder times stick-out-able. Marriage is in the business of refining souls and reminding you that the world in fact does not revolve around you. If I say, Hey God, make me into the person you want me to be, then His answer is like, here's a husband and two kids, now get to work! Ha!

A long time ago, I read a little excerpt in a magazine that said to practice showing love by listening when you didn't want to. It's something I've had to put into practice in more than one relationship in my life and it certainly applies in marriage as well. Listen. Not like your every day listening but the kind of listening when you really could not care less listening. Let your spouse complain and be on his side. Put yourself in his shoes, emotionally agree with him and let that be it. Matt does not need to know my opinion on how he could have changed the outcome. He's a smart guy and he deserves the respect of me understanding that he already knows if/what/how he could have done something differently. Think about how you feel when you are really frustrated about something and instead of hearing a supportive word you hear "well, blah blah blah". Venting is not the same as asking for advice.

I have a feeling the next seven years are going to be a lot easier. With both of the kids now almost in what my sister calls the "Golden Years", tensions will be lowered and sleep will be high. I'm not gonna lie, it sure will be nice when both kids can wake up and just go watch cartoons without needing to see mom or pop. Of course then I'll miss the days they were little so there you have it. Take each season in life for what it's worth knowing things won't always stay the same for better or worse.

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