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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Pretty Blooms to Brighten Your Day

When looking for an easy and affordable way to bring life and beauty into your house, flowers are a great choice. After seeing ranunculus' popping up on Instagram, I jumped at the first chance to visit Trader Joe's and score some for myself. While the selection was pretty picked over, I snagged one pink bunch and one orange bunch but was pleasantly surprised when a yellow one bloomed creating the perfect trifecta. The warm hues create an eye catching centerpiece on the windowsill in our kitchen.

Photographers tip: If you don't have great light inside, bring objects outside for full light. I shot these on a typical overcast Seattle day so the flowers would be illuminated on all sides. Using a higher aperture, I created a soft grey background out of the cemented back patio.


  1. Flowers are definitely amongst my favorite home decor. Such an easy way to brighten up your home!