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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

How I Got A Black Eye While On Vacation

I know this post is long overdue and I was going to write about it earlier but never got around to it but people are still asking about it so I figured I might as well post now. If you follow my Instagram Stories, then you probably know that I got a black eye while in Palm Springs earlier this year. It's still so comical for me to even think about. Every time I looked in the mirror, I couldn't believe there was this giant black/purple bruise surrounding my entire left eye. Luckily, it was sunny almost the entire time I was in Palm Springs so I wore my sunglasses everywhere I could.

Not to throw my kid under the bus but here goes: Jack(5) punched me in eye after I threatened a consequence if he didn't listen to me while I was finishing my work for the day. I was sitting on the ground which is how he was able to reach in the first place. Motherhood lesson learned. The kid feels terrible and felt terrible every single day for 3 weeks which is about how long the eye took to heal mostly.
The morning after being punched in the eye. My eye was still too swollen to open all the way.

Matt left our vacation early due to a family emergency so there I was alone in Palm Springs with two kids. There was nothing I could do but laugh about the situation. I didn't think people would think I was a battered wife. Being in Palm Springs, I honestly thought it was more likely I had a tennis accident. Like, look at all these people walking about with black eyes, they got hit in the face with a tennis ball or a golf ball. For some reason, it was just easier to be on vacation with a black eye. Once I got back home to Seattle, it began to feel more and more awkward. I didn't want to go in public at all. I wore sunglasses in the dark, grey, rainy days dropping my kid off and picking him up from school.
Five days after being punched in the eye.
Funny story: During a grocery store outing with my two kids, Jack told me that if anyone asked about my eye to tell them I didn't want to talk about it. Poor kid. He didn't understand why that would only make the situation look worse. Luckily for him, no one ever asked. I felt the pain of 1000 eyes staring at me in wonder but no one ever said a thing. Except, about a month later when all that remained was a few reddish marks, a car wash attendant asked if was OK. Trying to play it off cool, I acted like I wasn't sure what he was talking about at first before blaming the kid. I'm sure this only made me look more suspicious. I thought about that guy for a long time. Wondered what his story was that he said he would regret not asking me if he didn't. I hope he believed me for his own sake.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Pretty Blooms to Brighten Your Day

When looking for an easy and affordable way to bring life and beauty into your house, flowers are a great choice. After seeing ranunculus' popping up on Instagram, I jumped at the first chance to visit Trader Joe's and score some for myself. While the selection was pretty picked over, I snagged one pink bunch and one orange bunch but was pleasantly surprised when a yellow one bloomed creating the perfect trifecta. The warm hues create an eye catching centerpiece on the windowsill in our kitchen.

Photographers tip: If you don't have great light inside, bring objects outside for full light. I shot these on a typical overcast Seattle day so the flowers would be illuminated on all sides. Using a higher aperture, I created a soft grey background out of the cemented back patio.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Anthropologie Spring Fashion Show

The late afternoon sun glowed through the city streets as my sister and I headed to our first Spring fashion show at Anthropologie. Sirens sounded, cars honked, windows glistened up into the sky and the sound of excited chatter filled our senses while we waited in anticipation for the store to open its doors. Inspiration runs high on any given visit to an Anthro location, so I was tickled pink to see what would be in store for this particular visit.

It felt like a secret club. Only the select few who happened to be informed of the evening's festivities would be allowed to enter. Upon check-in, we quickly went upstairs to secure seats before making our way to the cupcake table. That's right, I said cupcake table! To my surprise and delight the chocolate and vanilla cupcakes glimmered with luster powdered frosting.

Anthro reigns with unexpected colors and patterns. The show, short but sweet, highlighted many of the seasons new bomber jackets which are perfect for the Spring weather when still need a little extra layering. Dresses walking down the row that make me wonder why I've never been a dress person and if maybe it's time to start. Perhaps one of my favorite accessories found, pink sunglasses. Anthro always has cute glasses at affordable prices and as a mom of two little kids, I like that I don't stand to lose much other than a fancy pair of sunglasses if one of my kids breaks them.

I was especially inspired by the paper flowers that entranced the store window displays and all the pink art inside. In my recent quest to get out of the house and do more things, I love finding unexpected activities (especially one's that are free). Local stores often host events and many have them posted somewhere online or you could ask a store employee. At Anthro you can subscribe to updates specifically about local store events so I know I won't miss out the next time something comes around.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Floral + Denim in the Woods

This past year I've been inspired to surround myself with the things that I love rather than just the practical. After all, if I buy what I really love then it is 100% practical. Practicality is relative and when it comes to things you love, you have to be willing to tune out the tones of people who don't express your same sentiments. Embracing my love of flowers and floral prints has brought unexpected joy into my life and I'm glad to drown out the voices of naysayers.
Aside from denim, I've paired these pants with black and white stripes and plain white. Oxfords and flats, converse or running shoes, these pants are versatile enough to be dressed up and down. They're my first pair of Seven jeans and I'm excited to see how they wear. I've had some bad luck with lower priced jeans lately that has left me feeling like it shouldn't be this hard to find a pair of jeans that lasts forever. Presuming I take care of them well, of course.