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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Vintage Inspired Spring Home

Thirty miles north of Seattle lies the little old town of Snohomish. Dubbed the "antique capitol of the Northwest", this town hits the spot when you're in the market for antiques, vintage and refurbished items. The home and gift boutique stores are sure to charm with their inspiring displays. The dreary, drizzly weather we've been having makes me crave spring so bad and with daylight savings happening I thought it wasn't too soon to start decorating for Easter.

Now I've never actually decorated for Easter before. It has always seemed somewhat frivolous and unnecessary even though I drool every time I turn through the pages of the Spring Pottery Barn catalogs. While I didn't grow up in a house that decorated for the seasons, if Martha Stewart has taught me anything, it's that real families decorate for every season and holiday. (Excuse me while I skip St. Patrick's Day).

From the boxwood wreaths to the painted bunnies, I wanted to take everything home with me. Alas, my wallet was a bit on the slim side. I did however make it home with two faux moss covered bunnies and a head full of ideas (and a bag of cinnamon bears). You can see the two bunnies I bought in the third picture from the top, on the top shelf of the green bookcase. The kids are now enjoying the bunnies in the windowsill at home.

Today, we went to Michael's Craft Store and Joann's Fabrics for some more decorative pieces that I'll be sharing here tomorrow. I can tell that Easter is going to be one of those holidays where I stock up on decorations after the day has passed and slowly build my spring collection. Loving all the shades of green in the store displays above!

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