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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Home Tour: Kid's Room

I don't know that I could ever say a room is truly complete but my kids room is pretty darn close and it's the only room in my house that is so. When designing their room I wanted a clean palette that could be easily transformed from a small child's room to an older child's room using timeless pieces. The Jenny Lind Style bed is an antique that I purchased off Craigslist. I was most excited about the cube storage. Rather than being a block of 12 or 16 cubes, the storage has two sets of cabinets down below where we can store toys that are a bit longer in shape. Let's face it, we can also hide the toys that aren't as pretty.

Living in a garden level basement of a house often means unusual floor plans. Our home is no different and the bedrooms have little cubbies all along the exterior walls. We plan on turning the cubbie above Jack's bed into a cozy little nook using cushions and pillows and possibly some temporary wall paper. 

You may be wondering where Morgan's bed is. It's in the laundry room! As soon as we feel comfortable having the two of them sleeping in the same room, we'll get Morgan moved in and eventually she'll have a toddler bed likely on the wall below the framed map.

A child's room should feel magical and without want or need. Kids are so easily pleased that I know Jack and Morgan would love this room even if all it had was a bed and toys on the floor. At night, when we're sitting on the bed reading books, I love to look out and admire the room. The pops of color in the rug combined with the colorful pieces to decorate the walls present a cheerful feeling.

One thing to note, before Jack was born, Matt and I picked a print of a vintage illustrative map, cut it in half and framed it. I love the extra detail and feel like it brought a lot more interest than a typical map but I will say now that Jack is old enough to talk about different places in the world, I have to laugh every time I point out where we are because it's not really what the world looks like, so hopefully he's got a real map at school!

Not pictured: children's bookshelf which is located in our den along with a beautiful vintage children's Schoenhut piano.
Area Rug (similar)
Quilt (similar)

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