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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

DIY Easter Egg Wreath Just in Time for Spring

That Spring feeling is definitely floating in the air these days. With the temperature pretty consistently above 50 degrees, the streets are lush with blooming daffodils and the tulips are beginning to show their colors. Spring always carries a certain excitement. That promise of warmer days, colorful flowers, BBQs and a lot less layers of clothing. Because of this dreadful, dreary winter, I've been more excited than ever to welcome Spring. If I'm being honest though, that March and April edition of Martha Stewart Living has always made my blood run wild with hope, optimism and the joy of unexpected surprises.

This season of Lent has brought more doing and less consuming into my life. Forever inspired by some glue and some glitter, I picked up some more paper mache eggs from Jo-Ann Fabrics along with a kit of spring glitter and then I successfully wondered around the store for 30 minutes trying to decide what I would do with the eggs once they were glittered. Of course the very last place I looked and voila! I found this twiggy little wreath.

Find out how to make your own Easter egg wreath below.

DIY Easter Egg Wreath

Eggs (any kind, except the real kind)
Elmer's glue
White acrylic paint
Hot glue gun
Paint brush

1) Paint one layer of acrylic paint all over each egg and let dry
2) Coat egg with glue
3) Sprinkle all over with glitter (make sure to do this over a piece of paper so you can pour the remaining glitter back into container) and set aside to dry
4) Arrange eggs on wreath and secure with hot glue
5) Loop ribbon around top of wreath and tie up into a bow

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