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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Decorating for Easter

Never have I ever decorated for Spring or Easter and I must say I feel quite the accomplished home maker about it. Every time I pass by the little bit of house with seasonal shades of pastel, I feel refreshed, cheerful and optimistic that, despite the awfully ugly weather, Spring really is on the horizon. It's a nice reminder that the seasons come and go, outside and inside.

I picked up this vintage trophy at an antique market a couple of weekends ago and have been delightfully thinking of all the different props I could put in it. I'm most excited to stuff it full of fresh blooms but thought for now the eggs are a perfect fit. Tip for styling decorations: put objects inside of other unexpected objects.

As I mentioned in my last post, the kids and I went to Michael's and Joann's looking for Easter decorations. The burlap and bunny banner was such a steal and is much cuter than a similarly styled one from Pottery Barn. I love hanging banners around the house - it makes it feel like a party every day.

Instead of dying hard boiled eggs that will eventually need to be thrown out, I found a bag of twelve paper mache eggs at Joann's. I used a set of pastel acrylic paint pots and brushed on a couple of layers. The paint dried quickly and then it was time to bring out the glitter! Thank God my husband doesn't mind that glitter ends up all over our house because it is my all time favorite crafting ingredient. It was difficult to be so restrained while applying to the eggs and now I'm thinking I need another bag of eggs to decorate solely with glitter. Perhaps we have a DIY blog post in the near future.

What say you? How do you decorate for Spring or Easter?

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