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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

DIY Easter Egg Wreath Just in Time for Spring

That Spring feeling is definitely floating in the air these days. With the temperature pretty consistently above 50 degrees, the streets are lush with blooming daffodils and the tulips are beginning to show their colors. Spring always carries a certain excitement. That promise of warmer days, colorful flowers, BBQs and a lot less layers of clothing. Because of this dreadful, dreary winter, I've been more excited than ever to welcome Spring. If I'm being honest though, that March and April edition of Martha Stewart Living has always made my blood run wild with hope, optimism and the joy of unexpected surprises.

This season of Lent has brought more doing and less consuming into my life. Forever inspired by some glue and some glitter, I picked up some more paper mache eggs from Jo-Ann Fabrics along with a kit of spring glitter and then I successfully wondered around the store for 30 minutes trying to decide what I would do with the eggs once they were glittered. Of course the very last place I looked and voila! I found this twiggy little wreath.

Find out how to make your own Easter egg wreath below.

DIY Easter Egg Wreath

Eggs (any kind, except the real kind)
Elmer's glue
White acrylic paint
Hot glue gun
Paint brush

1) Paint one layer of acrylic paint all over each egg and let dry
2) Coat egg with glue
3) Sprinkle all over with glitter (make sure to do this over a piece of paper so you can pour the remaining glitter back into container) and set aside to dry
4) Arrange eggs on wreath and secure with hot glue
5) Loop ribbon around top of wreath and tie up into a bow

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sounders Opening Day

Sunday marked the Opening Day for the Seattle Sounders. While I don't hold a season ticket with the Kessler brothers, I was able to snag the seat in between them.  The crowd went wild as the reigning champions walked the MLS Cup across the field. Make sure to click through to my YouTube Channel, give a thumbs up and subscribe!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Decorating for Easter

Never have I ever decorated for Spring or Easter and I must say I feel quite the accomplished home maker about it. Every time I pass by the little bit of house with seasonal shades of pastel, I feel refreshed, cheerful and optimistic that, despite the awfully ugly weather, Spring really is on the horizon. It's a nice reminder that the seasons come and go, outside and inside.

I picked up this vintage trophy at an antique market a couple of weekends ago and have been delightfully thinking of all the different props I could put in it. I'm most excited to stuff it full of fresh blooms but thought for now the eggs are a perfect fit. Tip for styling decorations: put objects inside of other unexpected objects.

As I mentioned in my last post, the kids and I went to Michael's and Joann's looking for Easter decorations. The burlap and bunny banner was such a steal and is much cuter than a similarly styled one from Pottery Barn. I love hanging banners around the house - it makes it feel like a party every day.

Instead of dying hard boiled eggs that will eventually need to be thrown out, I found a bag of twelve paper mache eggs at Joann's. I used a set of pastel acrylic paint pots and brushed on a couple of layers. The paint dried quickly and then it was time to bring out the glitter! Thank God my husband doesn't mind that glitter ends up all over our house because it is my all time favorite crafting ingredient. It was difficult to be so restrained while applying to the eggs and now I'm thinking I need another bag of eggs to decorate solely with glitter. Perhaps we have a DIY blog post in the near future.

What say you? How do you decorate for Spring or Easter?

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Vintage Inspired Spring Home

Thirty miles north of Seattle lies the little old town of Snohomish. Dubbed the "antique capitol of the Northwest", this town hits the spot when you're in the market for antiques, vintage and refurbished items. The home and gift boutique stores are sure to charm with their inspiring displays. The dreary, drizzly weather we've been having makes me crave spring so bad and with daylight savings happening I thought it wasn't too soon to start decorating for Easter.

Now I've never actually decorated for Easter before. It has always seemed somewhat frivolous and unnecessary even though I drool every time I turn through the pages of the Spring Pottery Barn catalogs. While I didn't grow up in a house that decorated for the seasons, if Martha Stewart has taught me anything, it's that real families decorate for every season and holiday. (Excuse me while I skip St. Patrick's Day).

From the boxwood wreaths to the painted bunnies, I wanted to take everything home with me. Alas, my wallet was a bit on the slim side. I did however make it home with two faux moss covered bunnies and a head full of ideas (and a bag of cinnamon bears). You can see the two bunnies I bought in the third picture from the top, on the top shelf of the green bookcase. The kids are now enjoying the bunnies in the windowsill at home.

Today, we went to Michael's Craft Store and Joann's Fabrics for some more decorative pieces that I'll be sharing here tomorrow. I can tell that Easter is going to be one of those holidays where I stock up on decorations after the day has passed and slowly build my spring collection. Loving all the shades of green in the store displays above!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Home Tour: Kid's Room

I don't know that I could ever say a room is truly complete but my kids room is pretty darn close and it's the only room in my house that is so. When designing their room I wanted a clean palette that could be easily transformed from a small child's room to an older child's room using timeless pieces. The Jenny Lind Style bed is an antique that I purchased off Craigslist. I was most excited about the cube storage. Rather than being a block of 12 or 16 cubes, the storage has two sets of cabinets down below where we can store toys that are a bit longer in shape. Let's face it, we can also hide the toys that aren't as pretty.

Living in a garden level basement of a house often means unusual floor plans. Our home is no different and the bedrooms have little cubbies all along the exterior walls. We plan on turning the cubbie above Jack's bed into a cozy little nook using cushions and pillows and possibly some temporary wall paper. 

You may be wondering where Morgan's bed is. It's in the laundry room! As soon as we feel comfortable having the two of them sleeping in the same room, we'll get Morgan moved in and eventually she'll have a toddler bed likely on the wall below the framed map.

A child's room should feel magical and without want or need. Kids are so easily pleased that I know Jack and Morgan would love this room even if all it had was a bed and toys on the floor. At night, when we're sitting on the bed reading books, I love to look out and admire the room. The pops of color in the rug combined with the colorful pieces to decorate the walls present a cheerful feeling.

One thing to note, before Jack was born, Matt and I picked a print of a vintage illustrative map, cut it in half and framed it. I love the extra detail and feel like it brought a lot more interest than a typical map but I will say now that Jack is old enough to talk about different places in the world, I have to laugh every time I point out where we are because it's not really what the world looks like, so hopefully he's got a real map at school!

Not pictured: children's bookshelf which is located in our den along with a beautiful vintage children's Schoenhut piano.
Area Rug (similar)
Quilt (similar)

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Upcoming Artist Dates

Today marks the first day of Lent. This is not a holiday I have ever participated in but am excited to use as an excuse to grow myself more creatively. For a religious person, participating in a fast would mean turning to God during your moments of weakness, when you find yourself wanting that thing. While I definitely plan on reading my Bible more, I'm really using Lent as a creative practice. Instead of turning my energy to consuming other created content on social media and internet, I'll be channeling that energy into actionable creativity.
You can read more about why I'm choosing to give up created content here.

During this period of abstinence, I will be treating myself to artist dates and as promised I'm going to share a few things that made it to my list of things to do over the next 40 days:

Redeemed Rival Spring Vintage Market: vintage d├ęcor, reclaimed goods, repurposed furniture, gifts and more (March 4th).

The Great Junk Hunt: antique vintage market (April 28th).

Various neighborhood art walks around Seattle with varying dates.

Let's Rock Your Wedding: wedding show (April 8th).

Anthropologie Spring Fashion Show: (April 6th).

The Daffodil Festival (April 8th).

Clearly, I'm looking for more events to fill in March so if you have any suggestions of off the beaten path or something more mainstream let me know in the comments below!