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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Saturday Donuts

The pink frosting melted in my mouth and the sprinkles added the perfect crunch to the fluffy Krispy Kreme donut. Sometimes Saturday calls for a little breakfast treat. Who am I kidding? Saturday always calls for breakfast treats. The sweet strawberry smell evident the moment you come within range just begs to be eaten. Slowly my props disappear from six to five, then five to four and so on until only one remains and the only thing left is sprinkles on the pavement. Can't say that's anything to complain about.

All images shot with my iPhone 6.

What's your favorite Saturday breakfast treat?


  1. These donuts look delish!!!!!! Yummm. My sister just moved back in town from a super small town in Montana and the first thing she went and bought was donuts! lol

    1. Haha! I guess some things, even donuts, get taken for granted for! :oP