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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Cutting down the Christmas tree

Traditions and family seem to travel well hand in hand. Traditions root us. They make us feel like we're apart of something. They bond us together with those who share them with us. Traditions bottle up the past so you can easily take it with you through the future. We are a country with so many celebrated traditions yet so few. Perhaps because so many of us come from "broken" families, traditions are broken too. As much as I may push away from commitments, my heart longs for grounded traditions.
This past weekend we started a new tradition. We cut down our own tree. It sounds cheesy but it was a fun afternoon adventure in which we drove towards the mountains, drank eggnog lattes, went to a crowded tree farm, scouted for the tree, cut the tree together and then went home to decorate. It will be a tradition we look forward to. I can imagine when my kids are older, excitedly asking when we're going to cut our tree. I can imagine them taking their significant other and then their kids. That's the joy of traditions. To be deeply rooted. 

I think I'm going to share more Christmas traditions in an upcoming post. Does anyone else cut down their tree?
PS I made a vlog of our adventure and trimming the tree once we got it home. If you haven't subscribed to my YouTube channel, go now!


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