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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

We're moving!

We are moving next week!

We are moving next week.
I didn't imagine I would feel such a mixed bag of emotions. This blog has well documented my hatred for the apartment I live in and the deep emotional toll moving last year had on me but if you missed all that, then just know that the past 15 months have been some of the most physically and emotionally challenged years of my life.

When searching for an apartment, Matt and I didn't want to move just to move. It had to be the right place if we were going to invest in moving again and didn't want to move into a place only to move again at the end of the lease. Stepping into the new rental felt good. It felt right. So that was a complete relief. But it's far from the urban neighborhoods we've lived in the past 7+ years. We're used to walking downtown. We're used to the hustle and bustle that comes with being right in the mix of the main hub of the city. (I admit I feel slightly overdramatic when I say this because we are only moving 4 miles away and not even out of the city but we certainly are not walking downtown).

My heart longs to feel home. Not just familiar but really at home. I'm surprised at how important a physical location is to making me feel at home. Oh, the things we learn about ourselves when forced into uncomfortable situations. Right now, the new neighborhood is unfamiliar and unknown. The people, the places, the sights and the sounds.

But I do have hope.

I do hope that this new place becomes our home quickly. That my family returns to a balanced state. That we find happiness together again under a new roof. Though, I know, I'll need to remind myself daily to choose happiness and gratefulness.

Moving day is next week! (Along with Thanksgiving, I know). We're more than excited about this new adventure and every time we notice our current gross apartment  the excitement grows. I'll share more in the coming weeks of our new place and the new neighborhood.

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