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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Tips for being grown-up

September 20th marked my 32nd birthday which makes me sound like an adult but trust me I am not one of those people. Recently, one of my three sisters made a statement about wishing she could go back to being a kid. Don't get me wrong, I too have longings for that feeling of complete security but I can't live my life wishing to go back.
I like to remind myself about how much fun it is being grown up. I'll take a stroll down the candy aisle of the grocery store and say to myself that I can buy whatever I want and then, of course, I definitely make sure to make the purchase and leave the guilt about eating crap behind. After all, when I was a kid all I wanted to do was just grow up so I better make sure I'm enjoying these "grown up" years because it truly is the dream of my younger self. 

Another fun thing to do, which I have done only twice that I can recall, is make a spontaneous decision to take a trip. On a Wednesday, Matt and I decided to take a road trip to San Francisco after work that Friday. The entire 14 hour drive down I could not wipe the smile off of my face. I could not stop saying "this is so exciting". For me, that spontaneity gave me the biggest adrenaline rush. I'll never forget that feeling. One minute we're at work in Seattle and the next thing you know we're in California with my car. We didn't just fly over the space as if it wasn't really there, we literally drove through it.

With that in mind, I would just like to say, if you're a grown up then live it up! Do the things that excite you. Make time for real fun. Not just going out on a Friday night but the real things that make your blood pump faster and plaster a smile across your face. Do the unexpected just because you can. 

Trust me I know that the adult things of life can be heavy and weigh you down but it's just a mind set. You can shift your perception. This is coming from the girl who has wrote about nothing but anxious, depressing thoughts for the past year. 

Sometimes you can't be so focused on reaching the end goal that you don't enjoy this moment in your life. That's the kind of stuff that can make people go crazy. Don't forget to make yourself happy now because you do not know the number of days you have left in this life.

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