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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

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One of the best reasons to buy a Mac is because it has free video editing software on it, iMovie. I finally had a chance to learn how to use the app over the weekend and am now having so much fun making short videos. I spent some time listening to free music on YouTube but really need to spend a lot more time looking for the right sound. Right now I'm just using my iPhone to film which seems to be working just fine in terms of quality and a great place to start. If for some unknown reason, I end up with an ungodly amount of free time (between juggling 2 kids and work) then maybe I'll upgrade to a camera made for filming.

Since we're moving today, I made this little walking tour of the only thing that I will miss about where we live. We're a block away from Kerry Park, one of Seattle's most iconic parks and a major tourist destination. The park that never sleeps. Only the locals know that if you keep walking down the street you come to another breathtaking viewpoint of the sound and across the street is a secret garden park that we used as our own personal backyard over the summer.

Goodbye, Kerry Park, I'll miss you.

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