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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween is really only fun if you have kids that can celebrate or you attend a really cool costume party. Luckily, I have 2 kids to dress up since I failed to receive any awesome party invites. It is adorable to watch small children trick-or-treating. Jack was a little shy at first but then was totally into. Morgan got into it too which was the cutest thing. She ended up walking up to doors with Jack and following his lead by reaching into candy bowls. Thank you Miss Morgan for getting Mom and Pop some candy. :)

This year, Jack requested to be a rocket ship. Rather than tell him stores don't really carry cool costumes like that, we thought we would make one. Matt suggested using a concrete form tube from Home Depot. This was genius and something I would have never even known about. The tube was easy to cut with a hand saw and retractable knife. One layer of primer to make it white, some careful hand lettering and an American flag sticker from the Army Navy Surplus store. I failed to photograph the red and orange tissue paper we had hanging out of the bottom as the rocket fire. The costume was epic and neighbors everywhere commented on how Jack had the best costume. I don't know how we are going to top it next year but one can always try!

Now that Jack is in school we have the added bonus of classroom parties! As a child, I so looked forward to class parties and I couldn't wait to be a part of that celebration with Jack too. I signed up to bring the treat, searched Pinterest for some good ideas and ended up making these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle rice krispie treats. I guess you could say the treats were in costume.


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