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Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Recently, I activated my Facebook account after having it deactivated for over 2 years. In the moment it was very clear why I reactivated it but now it's a little foggy. I think just to check out some of the new groups and to enhance my internet stalking activities. I have a few takeaways from my experience so far.
First, Facebook creates fake connections with people you don't really know. It creates a false sense of knowing someone when you don't. You may not be aware of it but take a year or two break from the network and then rejoin. Because I wasn't actively seeing some people on a regular basis in my feed I completely forgot who they were. Like, I literally have no idea who these people are and they just liked my return to Facebook status. Communicating with people I kind of know in real life but not really is now awkward and strange. It's much different than the communicating that happens on Instagram.

Second, I really don't care what anyone is doing on Facebook.

Third, the app was on my phone for a hot second before I promptly deleted it and the new messenger app that goes along with it. I realized I was randomly checking it out of boredom. Like, can't get out of bed in the morning so let's just press this button and see what happens.

Honestly, my life was just fine without it. I loved not living in that world. I will likely deactivate it because although that means virtually nothing, it's enough of a barrier for me to not visit the website at all. For now, I'm still there. A foreigner in a familiar place.

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