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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

10 things to promote healthy living

Fall is upon us and it has me thinking about cold season. I spent the greater part of the past year fighting off low-grade sickness. At least once a month I was stuffed up, headachy and all around under the weather. Each time I would first wish for nothing but just to be able to breath again and think about the sweet relief of breathing through my nose! Then I would compile a mental list of all the things I swore I was going to do once I felt better in order to insure I built my immune system back up and worked on my overall health. Of course, once I started feeling better, there was a brief celebration of being able to breath again and my mental list was soon forgotten.
In light of that, I am writing it down. All of things that I want to do to bring myself and my family's health above par and *hopefully* this simple act of writing it down will encourage me to actually do the things.

1. Write out notecards of encouraging words to promote positive change.
2. Make food plan for Morgan and Jack.
3. Make plan to make dinner twice a week. (I've actually been working on this a bit and have been mildly successful).
4. Consume less sugar.
5. Take probiotics for immune strength daily.
6. Wash all the bedding. (This is always complete the second I start feeling better).
7. Write out daily schedule to help work/life balance.
8. Make time for God (prayer/Bible).
9. Take a daily vitamin and amp up immune system with elderberry syrup during cold season.
10. Exercise.

PS Today's my birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me!

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