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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Life Hack: Shop at Drugstores

I'm not one who usually peruses the ads that come in the weekly mail but a few months ago I noticed an ad for the Bartell Drugs down the road. You wouldn't necessarily think to buy groceries at the drug store. Usually when I think of food found at drug stores, I think of cheap, packaged and overly processed foods that I would want to take on a road trip or airplane ride. This may not be true of all drug stores but Bartell Drugs carries some higher quality packaged food that we actually use on a daily basis.
We buy Bonne Maman preserves/jelly. It's non-GMO project verified and it's usually around $5 a jar. Every once in awhile Bartell's has it on sale for $2.99 so we stock up. The other thing we'll stock up on is Adam's Natural Peanut Butter. This can be anywhere from $6 - $7 a jar but on sale it would be $3. Matt just reminded me of the most important find, Theo Chocolate. I can't believe I almost forgot that! Regularly, a bar would be $4 but you can often find them at Bartell's 2for$4 or 2for$5. I consider that a steal and seriously stock up. The only downside, and I hesitate to even say "downside", is that then I'm eating chocolate at all hours of the day all week long.

I know what you're thinking because I feel like a real twit talking about saving $5 a week. I sound like a serious cheapo. Here's the thing though, I like to buy bulk so I'm really shaving off $25 a quarter from our grocery budget which, also, makes me sound like a miser but every dollar counts when you're trying to only spend a certain amount of food and. Food is relatively cheap in general so every $5 saved adds up.

Buying groceries at more than one grocery store is not something that I recommend unless it is super convenient to do so. In my case, I walk to the grocery store and I pass by Bartell Drugs on the way and I'm only buying items that I normally buy anyway. When I worked downtown, there was a drug store a few blocks away so taking a brisk walk to step away from my desk was worth it. Take a look at your local drugstore ad the next time the mail comes and see what you might find that would be worth it for you!

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