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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Short Term Goals

It all comes down to money. I'm being honest here and I don't think that's a bad thing. These past seven years I have seriously struggled with chasing a creative hobby and turning it into a career versus working for someone else but I think I found my happy middle. Let's backtrack a bit.
Pros of creative entrepreneurship:
- flexible schedule
- earning potential
- being creative
- personal growth
- surrounded by like minded people
- exciting

This list is what attracted me to creative entrepreneurship. Of course, I realize that this list may be the same for someone else working 40 hours for someone else at a desk but it wasn't that way for me.

My goal in life is to have my life be about my life and work is in it NOT to have my life be about work and my life has a role in the background. That's how it felt working a typical downtown office job for me.

Current life goals:
- drop off and pick up my kids from school
- put my kids through private school
- buy a house
- make solid friendships
- family vacation 2x per year (doesn't have to be extravagant)
- thriving marriage and parent/kid relationships
- eat well
- buy my kids cute clothes (this is incredibly superficial, i know but it's still fun and if I want to buy my daughter an outfit just for Valentine's Day then I want to do it and not feel like I'm wasting valuable money)
- explore and enjoy visual creative interests, specifically Instagram and social photography

As you can see from list number two, a lot of my short term goals revolve around money. The second obvious factor is flexibility. This leads me to finding my happy medium. Actually, it's not even a medium, it's just a happy option that I didn't have available to me before.


In December I started contracting for a consulting company; it may be perfect. Contracting is a lot like entrepreneurship in a way because you have to put yourself out there and be good at selling yourself. (This is a skill I am working on but it will come with more practice and in time). I'm determined to make this work. Contracting allows you a lot of flexibility in scheduling your work and depending on where you work, it pays well. As a bonus, it's work I enjoy and have proven myself to be an asset which is intrinsically rewarding. It's really great, big business, a whole new world, exciting to be a part of and a neat opportunity to try different things. As I mentioned, it's sort of like entrepreneurship because you have to be good at building relationships if you want to stay in the game but you don't have all the same stress as owning your own business.

I'm not going to beat myself up anymore about not being a creative entrepreneur right now. I don't feel like I was made to do just one thing in this life. If I want to pursue social photography for now or later or never, I can. My life is always going to be changing and looking different. Thank, God! For real. My concern right now is achieving some sort term goals and it doesn't have anything to do with my career path. I need to hustle my buns and not be afraid. More on my fear and intimidation in this new space in a later post.

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