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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Believing the Lie of Creative Entrepreneurship

For the last several years, I have been so caught up in all of the business motivation and marketing blogs that I truly, deep down in my sole, was obsessed and believed that this is what I needed to do with my life. That I needed to make it as a creative entrepreneur or else complete failure. That I was nothing if I could not be successful.
I have been believing a lie.

There are hundreds of blogs out there encouraging and sharing in the world of entrepreneurship and photography that it is very easy to get caught up in it and start thinking that this is the only way to be.

It's good to pursue hobbies and interests but that doesn't mean you have to make them a business. Because I genuinely love business marketing and motivation maybe one day I will but I don't have to. Every interest of mine does not have to be a possible business idea. I don't have to be the absolute best and I don't need to be dependent my hobby to make a living.

My husband just walked by and read the above. He says he thinks it's not a lie. He thinks I should keep pursuing my photography business.

So I should clarify. I'm not saying I never will. I'm saying that I don't need to have so many expectations on myself to achieve. In my last post, I've stated what my short term goals are. Those are the things that really matter to me right now. Being a well paid family photographer is not one of those goals. I like doing my contract work, spending time with my family and then enjoying a few hobbies without feeling like I need to be doing something productive to make my side business take off.

My hobbies: writing these journal-y blog posts, photography for social media and people photography.

I'm not letting them go. I don't feel like I'm giving up either. I'm taking time to focus on what actually matters to achieve my goals and letting myself be more where I am right now with my young children who need a lot of my attention. This is my season of life.

Now I'm feeling insecure about this post. Like, it must read as if I'm trying to convince myself. Words are powerful and maybe I am but it is a mind shift for me. I am not any less of a person if I don't own my own creative business right now. I don't need to feel less than when I look at other successful, creative people's IG feed or blog. I can enjoy and admire their work and let it inspire me in a positive way instead of lead to negative comparison.

I could go on but I feel as though I am starting to ramble.

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