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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Our Family Fourth

This is almost the most important part of the 4th of July for me. I want all the cousins in flag shirts from Old Navy and I want my picture. Of course, I can never really get a good one of all of them. Getting six kids to smile or look pleasant and look at you at the same time is a near impossibility. The unhappy girl in the middle was sick and not enthusiastic about me giving her a hard time about the sour face. I mean, c'mon though, can't everyone just smile for Auntie Jen for 1 picture?!

My ideal day would be spent outside in the warm sun, BBQing, red white and blue everything, a perfectly displayed buffet of food and treats, decorating 4th of July bicycles, festive non-alcoholic drinks, white adirondack chairs and lots of family and friends.

The reality is that my sister and I were sick so we laid on couches wrapped in blankets passing the kleenex box back and fourth. But whatev. It was still a great day and the kids had an absolute blast!


  1. Haha oh gosh, my parents always had SUCH a hard time organising us for family photos! Recently my mom needed a family photo to share for something, so she asked my dad to look for a decent photo, and it took him so long! I'm glad you and the kids enjoyed the Fourth! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's