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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Why I hate polyester and dry cleaning

I have long been a fan of not buying clothes that need to be taken to the cleaner. For two major reasons, the first being that I don't need another activity that I have to do, i.e.: going to the cleaners, and the second reason being I don't want to pay every time I wear certain clothing.

Now that I don't work in an office anymore that requires dressing up, I simply do not buy anything that I can't throw in the washing machine. I don't mind if I have to hang to dry since I can do that inside my apartment. On a side note: I once worked at a hotel that had a dry cleaning service for employees and that was really ideal because I dropped off and picked up at work as well as got a major discount!

It seems the clothing industry's response to a cheaper, easier to care for fabric was the invention of synthetic fabrics which I hate. On occasion I find a really nice top that feels good and I'm surprised it's synthetic but most of the time you can tell the second you touch something what it's made out of. Polyester is gross. It feels like nails on a chalkboard. A particular store that I love sells tons of polyester clothing and the price is NOT cheap so even though you can usually toss 'em in the washing machine I don't want that on my body.

All of this to say, here's a list of some cute fun summer tops that I really liked but simply could not buy due to my seemingly exclusive standards.

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