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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Venice Beach

Following our trip to Palm Desert, we drove over to the coast and stayed at a really great AirBNB in Venice Beach. We wanted to visit Venice because we wanted to be near the ocean and we like laid back vibes though we did venture East and visit Los Feliz (the happy!) to see some friends for breakfast and see the Griffith Observatory and Hollywood sign. I really wish Seattle had a big park with an awesome view of the surrounding cities. Discovery Park is great but just not the same.

Abbot Kinney Boulevard is the main street with restaurants and shops. So many good places to eat, treats to devour and other stuff to buy. We also visited the Venice Canals because Valentine's Day was filmed there and I'm obsessed and watch it every year.

Our AirBNB was a cozy little one bedroom Spanish style bungalow. It was my first experience using the site and I'm now super excited about traveling with kids. The price was comparable (better) to a hotel because it had a full kitchen, a bathroom, separate dining room and a large closet in the bedroom which fit a pack-n-play perfectly for the baby to have her own little hideaway. Less stressful, more relaxing.

I was still sick from Palm Desert but mustered up the energy to actually get up and out and partake in the days activities with my family. I loved being in California and I hated coming back home. Sunshine and warmth makes me happy and it's hard to be back here in Seattle where the skies are dark and we've still been turning the heaters on.

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