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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Top 10 Blogs to Follow

A long time ago, ok not really but about 6 years ago, this blogger recommended only following 10 blogs. In an attempt to clear the clutter in your life and your head and keep it clear. To not waste away looking at what other people are doing rather than getting up and doing yourself. I've never been able to find 10 blogs that I thought I absolutely, without a doubt, could not miss a new post from but I now have 9 which is the most I've had.

My list of top favorites have changed over the years but I'm so close to actually having 10 that I wanted to share. In alphabetical order, here they are:

A Country Farmhouse | Catherine
She and her husband, Mike, have restored and decorated the most stunningly, jaw dropping out of this world farmhouse in Oregon, moved to the East coast and are now in the process of completing another home renovation. It's educational and inspiring. Her blog makes me feel all warm, cozy and Martha Stewart inside.

She lives in New York and works for Gap in social media. I love her creative eye for photography and her cool curation of home and fashion goods. She's laid back and refined. Her Instagram feed is my fav, making me crave a Nantucket summer.

Back to SF | Sarah
Sarah is my friend in real life. We worked together before she moved, as you might have guessed, San Francisco. Her and her husband, Brandon, recently purchased a home in need of some love and I can't wait to see the finished product.

Her look is well put together with all the trimmings you'd expect on a well dressed lady. I love the lifestyle photography the KJP team creates every time they pull out the camera. Each photograph is perfectly composed with the finest details. What I loved about this blog in the beginning was that Sarah seemingly wore clothes that you could find in the average girl's closet, of course as her blog has bloomed so has her closet but I still love seeing how she pieces outfits together.

She lives in charming North Carolina, is the editor in chief of Southern Weddings magazine, writes books, encourages people daily along with a slew of other things on her resume. I love her. She makes things happen and helps other people to do the same. She is one of the first of many online Christian creative people that have encouraged me to pick up that good ol' book a whole heck of a lot more. She reminds me to live intentionally, choose what matters and follow God.

Her blog is so much more than a fashion blog. I love her creative aesthetic and the photographers she works with. Margo and Me is filled with beautiful light and pretty details. Feminine and delicate details define her style. She chooses the such a variety of places to photograph in and makes everywhere she visits seem full of beauty and whim. I'm reminded to embrace the girly-girl inside because it's so enchanting.

This is one of the first lifestyle (DIY, entertaining, decorating) blogs I started following in 2009 or 2010. Another blog that makes me wish I had a house so I could do all the things that Martha Stewart does. Morgan now has 3 kids and I love seeing her ideas for small space living, entertaining and balancing life in general.

Sinclair & Moore | Steve and Jamie
The ultimate wedding designing and planning duo based in Seattle. They don't blog often but when they do it's gold! My love of photographing flowers is tantalized by Steve's floral creations. Again, (I'm sensing a pattern here), people who make me dream of that Martha Stewart life. These two makes things pretty for a living and strive to make life just as beautiful. From the food, to the birthday parties to family photos, I'm so inspired to put more attention into details to make other people feel beautiful as well.

Last but certainly not least, my friend in real life, Kaley. We met while working at a hotel (that shall remain unnamed). She is kind, genuine and likes to laugh a lot. Her smiling face is magnetic; it immediately draws you in and makes you want to be friends with her. Her blog is about traveling  near and far. The photos alone will make you want to buy a plane ticket stat. I'm excited to see where this new venture takes her!

(Each image above is a link to that specific bloggers blog post).

To be honest I never actually deleted my whole following on Bloglovin. I like to keep the list of neato cheeto blogs I've found over the years so I can go back to them later if I'm looking for some specific inspiration. I definitely do not look at them daily or even weekly but on occasion or a lazy Saturday I like to scroll through the list.

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