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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

House Blues

Without further ado, welcome negative nancy. Ahheeeemmmmmmm. That's me.

Apparently, after you have babies, the next question everyone asks you is when you are going to buy a house. I cannot tell you how many people ask me this. I have no plans to buy a house anytime in the  near future. Let me go into why:

1) I live in Seattle and it is expensive. Incredibly and ridiculously expensive. There is a housing shortage and the houses that are on the market anywhere near where I would want to live are $600k and up, up, up. (Note: there are like less than 10 houses available within a 5 mile radius of downtown for this price).
2) I have no desire to move outside of the city. I currently live in a neighborhood less than a mile away from the main downtown area. This is a lifestyle I am not willing to give up.
3) Again, I live in the city. There are tons of things to do here for kids and adults. It's a rich and unique experience Again, not willing to give it up for my own home 20 miles away from the city.

Almost anywhere else in the country, we would be considered rich but here in Seattle were middle of the middle class. I tend to have poverty thinking so I would say lower middle middle class. Realistically we make an estimated $100k a year, I don't think that puts us in lower middle class but it feels like it and that sucks.

Of course I have Martha Stewart induced dreams of a beautiful craftsman with a nice yard, beautiful garden and neatly painted trimmings. I do. I long to have the perfect place of my own to have forever and ever. A place where my kids will grow up and Matt and I will grow old; the stuff dreams are made of. I'm left frustrated and in a negative mindset. Totally irritated and forced with the realization that I can't have my cake and eat it too.

It sucks. So I need to win the a million dollars or something.  

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