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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Kid Craft: Valentine's Day Cards

I've realized this about myself: I'm not really a kid person. I like other people's kids but my own - I mean annoying! I don't have the patience or the kindness or the slow to argerness that a really good parent needs to have small children. I find myself getting angry and annoyed all the time. At the end of the night when all is said and done I remember that he's only 4 and he will never meet my adult expectations of him. It is hard to know what the best expectations are for a 4 year old.

With that in mind, while I was perusing the cute DIY Valentine's Day cards at Paper Source, I knew that I couldn't actually buy one of them. I knew it'd be just a tad too complex. I knew he wouldn't do it perfectly and that might drive me insane. So, we bought some bright paper and fun stickers. I had a tube of glitter at home and some glue. The perfect combination for some good ole fashioned fun making Valentine's together. I love to make Valentine's with him because it's my favorite holiday and we mail them to all his cousins and special people in his life.

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