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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Happy New Year

This year I am not going to focus on setting goals. This year is 100% different than last in more ways than I can even count. I want to feel exactly where I am. I want to be present. I want to know what it is to be happy no matter the circumstance.

I'm not going to set goals. I won't worry about falling behind. I'll trust that learning to be exactly where I am is more what God wants for me. That being still doesn't mean going backwards. My endless searching and striving has landed me in no other place than the one I am in. I don't want to spend a lifetime searching. I don't want to obsess over finding my passion or growing a business that I don't even know if I am passionate about. 

I'm not gonna set goals and that doesn't take away from my lifelong love of learning. It doesn't take away from my desire to refine who I am as a Christian to the core. It doesn't take away from me being productive in life. And it doesn't mean I can't set goals at any other 'ole time of year if I feel so inclined. 



  1. very well said thanks for sharing your thoughts. Wishing you an awesome 2016!