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Friday, January 1, 2016

Before: kids room

There's no after. Not yet anyway. These are the before, aka current, photos of the kids room in our new apartment. This room is at least 3x larger than the kids room in our old apartment. In our old apartment the room was so tiny we had to have the tall skinny bookcase to hold the toys. Now it seems a bit ill fitted. I haven't hung anything on the walls yet because I haven't decided where all the furniture makes the most sense. I'm searching for a new solution to the storage situation. It seems the most basic and utilitarian of concepts is a large bookcase or set of shelves.

I cringe looking at these pictures. The toy chest - if you can't tell, there is a trunk full of toys at the end of the bed - is not working at all. Initially I loved the idea of repurposing my husband's fathers old trunk from the Marines. Now I don't. I can be wishy-washy at times but this is purely functional. The trunk scrapes whatever is behind it, the wall or the bed. And it does not organize the toys at all. Which I suppose is the point of a toy chest but I don't like just a box full of toys.

Also missing is a dresser for Morgan. No clue where that will go. The closet in that room is basically the only storage closet in our apartment so it's full. 

In any event, this room is my newest obsession. There will be organizing, there will be downsizing and there will be craigslist email alerts!

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