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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

With the end in mind

There's a new "About" section that I wanted to share here. To hold myself accountable and to continue on this journey with clarity. I will share it now:

This blog is a journal of the process.

I've always been someone who hates the process. I'd rather just be at the destination, please. The process is difficult, uncomfortable and unknown. It's also builds character and refines the soul. (Those last two are fancy words for VERY HARD WORK).

I have a somewhat vague idea of what I'd like my life to look like in general in 3-5 years. I have an even vaguer (is that really a word?) idea of how I'm supposed to get there. Which makes the process excruciating.

One day, I know I'll get to where I want to go or at least I hope I am aware of how far I have come as my goals continue to expand.

So, this is a journal of the process.

To be clear and to act as a reminder of where I am trying to go (3 year plan), let's write this down:
  • Creative entrepreneur. Self sustaining. Lifestyle photography. I love taking pictures of people. Photographer for other creatives (bloggers, stylists and designers). I love taking photos of pretty things. I'd also love to see what I can make of the flower collages. Anything from paper products, to prints, to wallets and other accessories.
  • Blogging. Become a tastemaker. 
  • Family. Flourishing marriage. Loving mom. Kid's at my school of choice.
  • Education. Always. Learning. Building an environment in my home that values lifelong education and the pursuit of knowing whatever you want in life.
  • Home. Well decorated. Of course. ;)
X marks the spot. Map is not clear. Mind is set. Let's do this.

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