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Friday, October 30, 2015

Styling Dahlias + Pumpkins


I'd seen so many beautiful dahlias flooding Instagram. I had to get my hands on some so I took the two babies on the bus to spend an afternoon in Pike Place Market. Per the three year old's request, we visited the gum wall but all I cared about was the flowers. Honestly, the market is amazing for flowers. I don't even know why people would buy bouquets from the grocery store - seriously overpriced. For $5 I got 8 dahlias and 3 of those white things that I'm not sure what they are but look like a vegetable. For $5 I spent a lovely morning in front of the amazingly lit windows in my dining room area and photographed these stunners and then just stared at them all together in Lightroom. I think I might open up a print shop and sell limited edition prints of pretty things like these Dahlias.

If you had a pretty floral print where would you put it? Bedroom, bathroom, office, cubicle...?

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