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Thursday, October 8, 2015

How your words become reality

It can't be said enough, choose your words wisely. It can be very easy to start talking negatively about anything but for the purpose of this post I am going to focus on talking negatively about other people. Throughout life, I've noticed that when I speak negatively about anyone that those words and ideas can have the power to change how I see a person. Whether true or false. My negative thoughts have the power to shape who that person is in my mind. It's a slippery slope and one about which I choose to stay very alert.

Think about it.

Sometimes when a person is speaking negatively about someone else, what are they really saying? Is it rooted in jealousy? Is it rooted in their own insecurity? Is it rooted in plain ignorance? Because those negative thoughts that you want to say about someone really do shape your entire relationship with that person. You start to take on those negative conversations you've had about them as your truth about that person. It dictates your thoughts, attitudes and interactions with them. It creates an invisible wall. On top of all of that, it effects how others may view the person. Negativity breeds negativity. It is ugly and heavy. Even if some of the negative things are true, if you talk about it multiple times, it becomes a big, ugly cloud over your relationship with that person.

I want to be intentional with what I say. I want to create positivity about others. So I'm choosing to stay more aware. To hold my tongue if it doesn't have anything of value to say.

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