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Saturday, October 10, 2015

How I grew my Instagram Following

This is really what I did to boost my following on Instagram. I took a class called "Instagram with Intention" by Hilary Rushford. There's no secret. Her first free class is the best place to start. It's all about making your feed actually pretty so that potential followers aren't scared away by unappealing or ugly pics.  Even as a photographer, I found this class useful. And insightful, if you don't have anything to post then don't post something just to post it.

but have been learning as I go along is that if your point of view keeps changing you might alienate your current followers. For example, I first thought I would use my IG for the sole purpose of floral inspiration and to one day show my floral collage designs. This was not easy to keep up because floral design is not in my day to day or even week to week activities and I didn't want my feed to be just flowers. I wanted it to be about all the things that inspire me where I live. (Technically, I mean I still don't even feel like I have a super clear direction but it's getting more defined as I go along). Well, anyway, when I started to change the types of pics I was sharing, I definitely lost a lot of people who were probably following me because they liked seeing pretty flower pictures. At the same time, though, I felt like my feed was a lot more authentic because I'm not really this flower girl whose life revolves around flowers (but I do include flowers often).

which sucks but honestly if you have good light it doesn't matter too much about the quality of your camera. I would love to upgrade to the 6S or even just the 6 but I'm not working right now so I've gotta use what I have and make it work.

I would love to takeover companies that I admires feed for a day or two. I am also trying to integrate some of my family lifestyle photography into the feed so that potential photography clients can find me as well. On a personal note, once my feed is big enough and pretty enough I want to make some cute coffee table books with some of my pics. Some of what I would like to accomplish with IG is based my unknown creative endeavors - I'm not exactly sure what projects I want to do but it would be good if I had a following that might be interested in buying when the time comes.

Here's a cute shot of Hilary from her website:

Check out my Instagram and be sure to follow along!

What are some of your tips for using IG? What are some goals that you would like to accomplish with your feed?

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