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Tuesday, September 15, 2015


You know when you take a stress test and they ask if you've had a baby or moved or gotten a new job in the last year? I would have to raise my hand for all three. The weight of change this past quarter has been heavy. I find myself walking around my new neighborhood wondering where am I. I go home and cry. There's just no ounce of familiarity. Nada. Zilch. Where am I? Of course we are blessed to be in a really nice, safe neighborhood with tons of amenities so at least it's only emotionally hard. And that will pass. It's been passing slowly. When you're kicked out of your rental home, moving is just not that exciting. Then there's Morgan. We love her. Just a dreamboat baby who wakes up every morning wanting to talk and talk and talk. A little doll. She can stay. Lastly, my job. It was rather devastating to realize that my whole salary would go to the nanny. While I'd love to get out, be scheduled and be in the downtown area - for $0 why bother. So that sucks.

Now what?

I don't know. 

Short term goals: one lifestyle/portrait session a month leading up to one a week, get dressed before noon, walk outside everyday, yoga or at least minimal stretching in the morning, cook dinner at least twice a week, read the Bible and the other books that are stacking up, letters and numbers with Jack, continued exploration of creative entrepreneurship. 

Yep. That sounds about good. 


  1. You are an awesome momma! Even if getting dressed before noon doesn't happen. I know where you're at and you'll get through it! Now your baby - well if you didn't pick just about the best name ever... ;)

  2. Going through stressful times helps you appreciate the little things more. Stay positive and good luck!

    xoxo - Michelle