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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Trudging through this season

I'm in a season of doing less. Of enjoying the simpler, smaller things in life. And this is the perfect season for me. It's quieter. It's more intentional. It's thoughtful. At times it'd downright dreadful. :)

Morgan is a dreamboat baby that is awfully hard to complain about. She sleeps all the time only waking once or twice in the night to eat. She has a rather pleasant dispostion throughout the day. But sometimes I still feel the weight of the chains that come with having a new baby. I remind myself I'm in a season. A season of having small children.

At times this season is a wonderful excuse to do nothing.

It's a season I know will be looked back at fondly.

These are the seasons that have taught me so much about seasons in the first place. That have taught me so much about being in process and learning to enjoy it. Or at least surrender to it. It's a reminder that life will not always be as it is no matter how great or how challenging it may be.

Surrendering to the process is the most difficult of tasks. Allowing yourself to just be present where you are at is a tall order in today's day. I'll remind myself that these are the hard years. The years that produce perseverance, character and hope.

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