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Monday, August 17, 2015

The missing furniture

We recently moved and our new apartment is quite different than our beloved basement apartment. The ceiling is no longer within arms reach and we have at least 200 square feet more space. Yay! The only downfall, I hesitate to even say downfall, is that we have less storage space here. Below are a few missing pieces of furniture that we need to finally settle in. I've got Craigslist email search alerts set up for these pieces. I know I could easily go to the store and buy brand new but I hate to be wasteful when there are so many just like new used furniture items to be had. On top of that I don't like buying brand new furniture items when living in a rental makes everything feel so temporary anyway. The furniture may not work for whatever place we end up in after this.

Living room cabinet:
I love this display cabinet from IKEA. It matches the other bookshelf we have in the living area but the drawers make it so we can hide the not so pretty things and really make the room more livable. I plan on putting some of Jack's art supplies in one of the drawers so that arts + craft time can happen easily and more often.

Kid's room bookshelf:
This is the exact bookcase we have in the living room. We already have one in the kid's room with all of Jack's toys and books and I'd like to get another one for Morgan's items as well. I particularly like the height because it is pleasing on the eyes to have furniture and decor at differing heights in a room. I can also put less used items towards the top. For those wondering, I have never had a problem with Jack trying to climb up the actual shelves (fingers crossed that doesn't happen in the future).

Bedroom wardrobe:
The building is a walk-up so my favorite wardrobe, which couldn't make it up the stairs, had to go. I'm still living out of boxes when trying to get dressed each day. This is a bit of a problem since I will be returning to work from my maternity leave in a few short weeks. I need somewhere to put my clothes! I haven't found the exact piece - and I'm not too picky - so I've got some options. I like the size of the one below from IKEA. My only qualifications are that it is a different color than our main dresser which is a pine and that it's not too wide so that it can fit up the stairs. I would like some shelves in it if possible as well.

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  1. Great choices! Clean and pretty. I don't like to buy furniture new usually either. I'm planning on swapping out the shelves for our cabinets in the garage (super similar to the wardrobe option you like) with plywood shelves. That's my only grit with Ikea - their shelves are so flimsy!