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Sunday, August 16, 2015

My top 5 East Coast Instagram accounts

I have a tiny obsession with the charm of East Coast living. The draw of classic American living is so alluring that I simply cannot avert my eyes when it comes to any good New England Instagram account. For a tried and true loving individual like myself, my top five IG accounts are completely on point. They represent what my West Coast imagination sees as true East Coasters.

#1: KJP
Let's face it, his tagline says it best: "designing the american dream". The line between real life and designed life is so blurred I absolutely love it. While the creative marketing concepts are exactly that, marketing, the group is actually really living the life as well. Designing the life you want to live is the American dream.

#2: Jackie Greaney
Lives in New York and loves coastal living. This summer she stayed in the cutest little town of Bellport documenting her adventures along the way. Her boyfriend and her have a stylized approach to capturing life that is too cute to pass up.

#3: Amy Stone
I was first drawn to Amy's account because of the way she uses color. Her feed seems to shift from color to color perfectly so that you feel like your floating through a rainbow. Mostly hues of blue and purple. The relaxing colors. The photos are perfectly real-life styled. You know, the styled look with hints of humanity. (I don't know if that makes sense or not but it's not just a white lifeless background).

I can't remember when I first learned of Fred. His style is reminiscent of a good Wes Anderson movie. One of his passions is photography which, as an amateur photographer myself, was the initial draw but I have grown to love the playfulness of his work.

#5: Howie Guja
I've only recently began following Howie. His account will literally transport you into true coastal living. From the cars, to the houses to the little towns. It feels quaint and relaxing where life is a little slower paced.

While I'm settled in the beautiful north of the West Coast, I have dreams of making the Olympic Peninsula and surrounding San Juan Islands my version of these accounts. I love the energy and inspiration of living in the city but my heart swoons over a slower life. Of adventures with friends in your own backyard. And bottles of soda shared over late night dinner parties.

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