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Friday, September 12, 2014

3 Tips to a Cleaner Inbox

If your anything like me, then you get a lot of daily emails in your inbox. So much so that it can be annoying/stressful/exciting/overwhelming/Fill in the blank. I am in a very bad good habit of deleting emails. I like to keep my inbox to 10 or less items. Here are my top tips for keeping that stuff moving right along.

#1 Delete. Don't be afraid to delete emails. If you receive blog posts by email, delete them, you can always go back to the original blog to read later. You don't need to save those pesky store discount email codes. (This will also save you money). If you don't delete now, you are giving yourself a future headache for that day when you decide to clean-up your inbox and you re-open every email to see if it was important.

#2 Utilize folders. I use Gmail and the service offers folders for organizing your emails. I have a folder that I call 'receipts'. I save all of my online purchases there until I receive them in the mail at which point I refer to tip #1 I delete them out of the folder. It's also important to save certain correspondence. For example, I save my emails from my auto insurance broker that way if I need to refer to something I always have it handy.

#3 Unsubscribe. Don't be afraid to unsubscribe from any and all emails. It's one (or 20) less things your mind has to think of. Trust me, you will not miss those extra 20% emails, flight deals or whatever else you may be subscribed to. If I am in the market to buy a new J.Crew sweater, I simply check out their website (there's usually a sale currently going on or if not I just temporarily subscribe until I see a good sale, buy my sweater and then promptly unsubscribe). It may seem scary but you will survive without knowing everything.

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